GROUNDWORK: spell-ing it out

GROUNDWORK: spell-ing it out is a performative offering that explores the savage and abundant sensuality of the natural world and our entanglement within it.

Moving a body of academic research, voice notes, field trips, anecdotal conversation, meditative practice and horticultural enquiry in the direction of spell-making, GROUNDWORK: spell -ing it out invokes the archetype most closely associated with the magic of the earth, the witch, to explore what it means to be engaged in a form of perpetual creation with more than human species.

FLINT identifies the witch as one whose deep and intuitive understanding of the natural world invites a pracivce of ritual and rebirth, tactiity, fascination, intimacy and radical permission - giving; a being - with whose fierce and tender energy aligns itself urgently with the need for an eco somatic language and new words for speaking about anthropogenic harm-doing.

Video excerpt from the recent presentation at "Sentient Peformativities" Dartington Hall, Devon, June 2022

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